3D Depth Camera and Cloud Processing

4D Virtual Tour

The SilVRcraft platform places users in control of their experience, empowering them to explore the space in any direction they choose.


See our virtual walk-through 4D experience, which demonstrates a feature-rich platform that allows measurements, label hotspot, indoor reality navigation, immersive space roaming, model editing and much much more.

High Fidelity

Interactive Immersive

4D Virtual Tours

The complete VR platform to enable "brick and mortar" businesses to digitize their physical spaces

Sil VR craft helps

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Industry applications

SilVRcraft can be a powerful tool for any business that involves creating, managing, or analyzing physical locations.


Many industries have already discovered the benefits of our solutions: the list of markets and possible applications is ever growing.

Property Market



Cultural Spaces


Civil Engineering

Co-Working Spaces, Events

and more

SilVRcraft is a highly immersive VR/AR platform which enables users to digitally "clone" and interact with any physical space and the objects within. It is easy and cost-effective, and will boost the online exposure and overall revenue of any "brick and mortar" business by leveraging the web’s extensive digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities.

Discover the unique features of SilVRcraft, the 4D Virtual Tour platform that brings your spaces to life!

Capture and create immersive VR virtual tours of any space by wielding the high tech design of the Si lVRcraft depth camera.


The complexity of the highly sophisticated scanning device employed to perform the spatial data collection is completely simplified for the user thanks to our Ipad one-click automated scanning mechanism.


The scan is processed by our cloud software, which utilizes state of the art algorithms for machine vision and 3D structure reconstruction. The cloud architecture ensures fast, high quality and cost effective results .